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The initial concept doesn't comprise of a central trait registry which contains all information regarding a trait (i.e. fields, transformers, formatter, etc.).

Trait Registry


  • "Dynamic" dialogs (similar to configuration on the fly)
  • Everything regarding a trait in on place, rather than distributed of mulitple configuration locations
  • Add traits on-the-fly (e.g dialogs)


  • In any module under the node
    • traits/


  • Trait will have a TraitDescriptor + ConfiguredTraitDescriptor
  • Use the "default" registry mechanism to regsiter additions/modification


A TraitDescriptor should contain:

  • constraintField
    • FieldDefinition
      • To edit the actual contraint (Voter)
    • Transformer
    • voterClass=info.magnolia.trait.CountryVoter
  • valueField
    • FieldDefinition
      • To edit the value of a trait
  • formatter
  • previewParameter
    • converters for preview
    • enables preview of trait in Preview App
  • traitClass=info.magnolia.trait.Country
    • The actual class (POJO) of the trait


Adding the voterClass to the constraint's FieldDefiniton would simplify the dynamic ChooseDialog (We have to read from JCR-level and have to know which field to choose and display in the dialog. The only thing stored in JCR is the voter class).

public interface P13nFieldDefintion {
    Class<?> getVoterClass();
ConfiguredP13nFieldDefintion extends FieldDefinition implements P13nFieldDefintion {
	private Class<?> voterClass;
	public Class<?> getVoterClass() {
		return voterClass;
    public void setVoterClass(Class<?> voterClass) {
        this.voterClass = voterClass;


info.magnolia.p13n.trait.BaseTraitTransformer#getVoterType() could go and we read voter class from P13nFieldDefinition

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