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Missing functionality of M5 FCK editor:

M5 FCK editor do not allows to upload/directly refers to images. (Concept page)

We will have to support this functionality in order to support M4.5 content migrated to M5.

Migration issue

In M4.5, the FCK editor allows to directly upload an Image/Video/... This binary are stored into the content repository and referred by a link in the content string. This tag is the handled during rendition.

  • Binary is stored under : text_files/file/document
  • Embedded text tag : src="${link:{uuid:{1de4b3ef-8251-4087-b227-7660430ec423},repository:{website},handle:{/demo-project/about/subsection-articles/article/content/00/text_files/file0},nodeData:{document},extension:{jpg}}}

A migration task was developed to move the binary to the DAM workspace and create Assets. The Embedded link is also updated.

  • src="${link:{uuid:{4fe9a0f5-b553-4c48-8f83-d1a4ff1a4bbe},repository:{dam},handle:{/demo-project/img/bk/Opener/wooden-table-with-yellow---red-chairs},nodeData:{jcr:content},extension:{jpg}}}
Issue 1:

uuid currently set is not an Asset composite ID. In order to reffer asset, we have to use the asset composit ID:

  • jcr:4fe9a0f5-b553-4c48-8f83-d1a4ff1a4bbe : damProvider:assetIdentifier

This is currently not possible as the Link API do not know Asset (normal as the Link Api is part of the core module).
A possible solution would be to create and register an AssetLinktransformer.

Issue 2:

Migrated link are displayed in the text article as long as the related dialog is not open. If the text is edited in the M5 FCK editor, the link is automatically removed.


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