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Forms should be a separated concept from Dialogs. FormDialogs should be a simple dialog containg a form.

For the tabbed editing and viewing of items in a ContentApp we need to extend the current FieldBuilder to support a getView() of porperties.


Dialogs are used for editing items, should be named forms

  • dialogs should still be used as before, but they conatin a form subnode with the field definitions
  • forms have no central registry. They can be defined where needed. E.g. in workbench or in dialogs

Future improvements:

  • Introduce nodeType registry containing formDefinition

Extend Field- and FormBuilder to generate View of item

  • extend FieldBuilder by getView()-method to build a default view of the item. 
  • for more complex views we can define a template (e.g. ftl) to pass to the render engine.

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