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> The goal of this template is to remind you of many aspects that you could consider, to help you create a good concept. 
> Tip: Use whichever sections are appropriate for the concept, delete the rest, rename and add at will, these are simply a suggestion.
> Tip: Delete all these comments. 


The Problem

> AKA (Also known as): Starting Position
> Why is this concept being considered? What is the issue that someone is having that needs to be addressed? 

Our customers who have lots of virtual URI mappings facing degrading of response time and server slowness such as SwissRe or Emmi. This happen because for each incoming request, we need to calculate its corresponding mapping (if any) and do the redirect / forward.


> This feature will be a success if it achieves these criteria.
> Tests could be defined based on these goals. 

Provide yet another +1 virtual URI mapping strategy so that customer can pick the one that matches their needs.

This proposed algorithm using a very simple approach in order to speed up the system by doing less matching calculation.

Use Cases

> AKA: User Stories
> List concrete ways in which this feature will be used.

Support customers to select between best matched or first matched URI redirection.


Current status

Reviewing current implementation of our VirtualUriFilter, we are using mappingBestMatch that:

  1. We do all the matching using all existing configured virtual URI mapping entries.
  2. We calculate the matching score which is the length of the matching pattern.
  3. We use the highest matching score from all matched ones to do the redirect / forward.

Proposed one

  1. Having a list of all mappings stored in VirtualUriFilter to reduce retrieving time. Note that this list need to be updated once the registry changed.
  2. Instead of doing "all the matching using all existing configured virtual URI mapping entries", we just go through the list and stop at the fist matched entry.
  3. We will not calculate any matching score, just focus on the 1st matched.

Pros. and Cons.

The first matches strategy could reduce the matching of all configured virtual URI mappings by 50% on average.

Customers less likely care about the matching score, the most important thing to them is matched and redirect. So the best match strategy might not the the chosen one for most customers.

Discussion, Suggestions, Q&A

Feel free to comment or edit the page for any improvement.


> Possible Improvements

> Discarded Proposals

> Discussion

> References

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