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The big word for Magnolia 5 is integration - we need to achieve interconnection with big players in the enterprise world.


Concept page: Concept - Canto Cumulus Integration.


The goal of this project is to integrate Canto's DAM systems like Cumulus through Canto Integration Platform (CIP) web service (preferably REST).

When successful, this will also set a precedent for integrating other DAMs and other services with REST API,


The problems are summarized in
but are partially solved.

Other reading:

Work Estimate

The implementation is pretty straightforward. We need to implement:

REST Client

There is a REST Client under construction (based on Hybris integration),
which should provide API for controlling restful services from Magnolia.

We need to implement CIP REST Client based on this API.

See for documentation.

Cumulus DAM Concept

  • catalog consists of one or more tables which are identified by their name. The table with the name "AssetRecords" is storing asset information, another table named "Categories" contains categories.
  • Each table stores zero or more items identified by a number called "item ID."
  • The item ID is a unique identifier of an item inside a table of a catalog. You can safely identify the item representing an asset by specifying the catalog name and item ID (the table name for asset items is fixed).

DAM Core

  • AssetProvider (PathAware) & AssetRenderer Based on the REST Client
  • Asset items + Node type predicate
  • MetaData - should be customable in Cumulus. Magnolia + Dublin




If the JCR-agnostic Asset-based DAM app can be created, the problem boils down to just implementing a REST AssetProvider

based on the REST Client.


Implementation effort (tasks)

  • DAM improvements originally dropped from 5.3. Code shared by Eric seems to be ~80% finished
    • analysis of missing pieces
    • implementation of missing pieces
    • testing and validation of the solution
    • release of DAM
  • Specific DAM AssetProvider implementation
  • Observation mechanism to communicate back to canto (in order to maintain referential integrity and correct functions for copyright management and other functions)
    • referencing pages 
    • activation of assets
    • removal of assets from use in website
  • Imaging provider using CIP (Cumulus Integration Platform) for generating and caching variations rather then our imaging module
  • Configuration and packaging of all of the above
  • Deployment of integration in our sales demo for showcasing to potential clients

Reference code

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