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Draft for 5.4

(red star) Status: Draft, PoC in progress

Integration of Cumulus - DAM system by Canto.


The goal of this project is to integrate Canto's DAM systems like Cumulus through the REST version of Canto Integration Platform (CIP) web service.

  • We need to implement CIP AssetProvider based on the rest client.

  • We need to develop tree (already done), list & thumbnail container views based on the asset provider.
  • It should be possible to connect the asset provider by specifying the server address, credentials and the catalog in configuration.

  • We will use only one Cumulus user for all Magnolia users. (question)

Open questions

Some tasks, like session management or caching, are to be handled by the REST client.

Mapping Cumulus data model to DAM API

  • You can safely identify the item representing an asset by specifying the catalog name and item ID.

  • As an abstraction, there is a hierarchy of categories, which can contain other subcategories.
    • Item can be assigned to more categories
    • When the item is assigned to a category, it's also assigned to all the parents of that category.
    • "root" category is id=1. id=2 and id=3 are reserved for internal uses.
    • the categories are called containers **on some places** in web client.

  • other features are Upload Collections (service enabling users to upload to certain collection through public URL), Basket (provides a way to bulk-download selected assets - behaves like shopping cart).
  • See for further documentation.

Because of the way categories are implemented, the tree presenter isn't the best approach here.

We could solve this with two workbenches - one with tree presenter for categories which would lead to asset list on double-click, or we could implement something like this (already done in forge/deadlink-app):

Action availability






Mapping metadata

Cumulus has its own set of properties.




  • Use CIP's preview service for generating thumbnails & variations.
  • Preview service supports cropping, scaling and rotating



Proof of concept;a=summary

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