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The main goal is to improve our Asset API and JCR Free app by implementing: 

  • an tree container based on an asset provider (allowing to plug any provider and display a tree view)
  • several providers
    • file system
    • cmis
  • use this assets in sites (allowing to link/upload documents and images in site)

Key features

Asset provider container

The current POC implementation has :

  • Lazy upload of Items
  • Pagination
  • Content connector and container using only
    • Asset API (both uses Asset provider)
    • ItemKey is used as references  

Jcr free implementation

Full implementation of the JCR free app and API.

Asset providers

File system Asset provider

CMIS Asset provider

Asset choose dialog

Open Issues

Blockers :

  • Link API : Currently not possible to create a link to an Asset




Checkout :

  • user/ehechinger/assets-browser-app.git
  • modules/dam.git branch asset-app

Set in your magnolia-bundle-parent pom.xml the correct DAM version


Add to your bundle-webapp pom.xml the dependency to the asset-app module


The Add is install in the DEV app-group.


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