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Current implementation of ContentSubApps open a dialog to edit the items, e.g. editing a contact in the contacts app. There is currently no detailed view of such an item.

Editing an item in ContentSubApps should open in a tab (new SubApp) inside the app. You should be able to toggle between a preview and the editing form of an item inside the tab.

This behavior is much like the current pages app is working when dealing with the page editor.

UX Document

The Editing flow

Edit sheets und Edit in Tabs.pdf (draft?)

Edit in Tabs.pdf (draft?)


During Sprint 8 we were able to simplify the App Framework, according to this document:

Concept - App Framework and Sub Apps

Further planned steps can be found here:

Concept - App Configuration and Naming

We need to create views similar to how we build forms with FieldBuilders:

Concept - Form and FormBuilder


Extend App Framework

  • Introduce AbstractItemSubApp
    • Like the AbstractContentSubapp (the list/tree/.. view of items)
    • this class takes care of the detailed views and editing of items.
    • offers two views: edit/view

Draft Diagram

Contacts App

  • should only extend AbstractItemSubApp and the rest should be configuration

Pages App

  • also extends AbstractItemSubApp
    • try to simplify the app as much as possible.


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