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Branding of apps



An app must provide additional configuration for the fields used for the app branding.

These fields will be available under the app node in the configuration.

  • branding
    • developerName
    • logo
    • logoNarrow
    • backgroundColor
    • developerUrl
    • appUrl
    • appDescription

Create brandingDefinition interface.

Create ConfiguredBrandingDefintion implementor.

appDescriptor should have a getter for the branding interface.

Revealing app info

On clicking on the logo in the bottom right corner...

An Alert Overlay should be opened on the App Context displaying an AppInformationView.

(Instead of showing something in the lower right corner - for a first step - just use the OverlayLayer.openAlert(view) method to put the information on the middle of the app.)

AppInformationView is a new component (implementing View) which displays the above information in a standard format.


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