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BasicTextCodeFieldDefinition renders a text area that highlight the typed text and perform auto-completion based on a desired language (Java, Groovy, HTML,....).

Class: info.magnolia.ui.form.field.definition.BasicTextCodeFieldDefinition

Here is an example text code field that highlight the input text in a Java style.


Node nameValue





         labelJava Code

You can use all common field properties and the following:

languageStyle used to highlight the entered text/code.text

Supported Language Style:

abap, asciidoc, c_cpp, c9search, clojure, coffee, coldfusion, csharp, css, curly, dart, diff, django, dot, glsl, golang, groovy, haml, haxe, html, jade, java, javascript, json, jsp, jsx, latex, less, liquid, lisp, livescript, lua, luapage, markdown, objectivec, ocaml, perl, pgsql, php, powershell, python, r, rdoc, rhtml, ruby, scad, scala, scheme,scss, sh, sql, stylus, svg, tcl, tex, text, textile, tm_snippet, typescript, xml, xquery, yaml;


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  1. Is the screenshot correct?