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Notes from Unconference 2012

  • cluster that will include author is more difficult to achieve then publics only (firewall issues)
  • clustering configuration is at the moment too complicated and undocumented for people to be really confident to set it up and experiment with it.
  • it would be great to provide script to turn on/off clustering of any workspace (possibly via export import of content and without versions)

Notes from 18.10.2012 meeting

  • problematic areas
    • scheduling
    • workflow
    • notifications: system wide notification
    • soft locking
  • solutions
    • master instance
      • how to define it
        • one is elected (revolution)
      • only for backend --> no authors
      • could this be a pattern for UGC
    • distribute some tasks? to share calculations
    • clustered memory solutions
    • messages broker