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  • Adapt the 4.5 CMIS server module in order to:
    • point to the new DAM workspace and uses Asset node type
    • uses the last Apache Chemistry Release 0.10.0
  • Read and write operation has to stay (Read only operations are for Asset API only)


Update the 4.5 implementation

The current CMIS module is now able to access DAM repository.

  • Create/Read Folders
  • Create/Read Assets

Implementation is pushed under:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/magnolia-module-cmis-2.0

Rename GIT module

Rename the module (GIT/Module Descriptor/ Pom)
from: cmis module
to:     cmis server module



Good 2 know

Configure a workbench CMIS client

  • Upload and install CMIS workbench
  • Once your Magnolia instance is started
    • run the workbench client
    • set : http://localhost:8080/<webApp name>/.magnolia/cmisws/cmis?wsdl as entry point


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