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  1. If you can, add the option to include versions or leave them out. Otherwise, this looks great for a start. And a directory browser?

      • Directory browsing and selection - AFAIK we don't have a component for that. There is something in DoJo and other frameworks, but I would prefer not to introduce such so late in the release cycle. Specially since we plan complete rewrite of UI for 4.0
      • Versions - I can add the option, but there is a caveat. If you restore without versions you will never be able to get them again and things like version browsing or versioning will stop working. Plus there might be more yet unknown side effects. As I see it if you don't want versions you have to use the export functionality.
  2. I think we used to have a file browser in the Packager, but I just checked and at least with 3.5.8 this doesn't work. I have contacted Ralf about it. Ralf says yes it is there and it should work. I have tested on OSX 10.5 both with DD3 and Safari3, and have problems in both cases. I asked Ralf to make sure it works as it should.