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DEV-619 - Getting issue details... STATUS



We aimed at simplifying the overall effort; we envisioned a production-ready foundation, to build further features upon (keeping these compartmented to follow-up stories). We also crafted proto-defs of a content-type definition, its related app descriptor and endpoint definition.

Discussion log

  • Terminology still accurate
  • ✓ proposal of a ModelDefinition in between ContentTypeDefinition and PropertyDefinitions
    • Keep sub-models for later [1]
    • Support top-level basic cases first
  • Use datasources first as a configuration shim
    • no DS Java API involved
    • no contract of what a Java Datasource is atm
  • JCR datasource definition
    • ✓ take over typical structure from JcrContentConnectorDefinition to start with
  • Practically perform an Inversion of Control from apps (also aka Inversion of Configuration)
    • instead of config' everything in-place
    • injecting CT model from which fields are derived
  • Save implementations piggy-backing on CTs for later
    • e.g. new apps/form components on Vaadin 8
    • maybe w/ impl provision via SPI
  • Can do dialog/form def improvements on the side as well (e.g. tabs)

App generation

  • Opt-in for app generation
  • ✓ require a proper apps/<foo>.yaml file
  • minimal app-descriptor with reference to CT
    • A. via string ref, or yaml tag !autogenerate (marker/construct/inflater)
      • decoration of a prototype?
    • B. or without proxy definition from presenters?
      • but good hard-coded defaults
      • potentially harder to find paths for decorations?
    • backwards-compatibility?
  • Ticket the 2 approaches (short timebox, avoid competition and stick all together in the loop)

Type aliases

Would benefit from type aliases for "datasource types"

  • type: jackrabbit (instead of class: info.magnolia.*.JackrabbitDatasourceDefinition)
  • would need a DatasourceRegistry, maybe
  • => More aliases are crucial to remove boilerplate (datasource types, value types, validators)


Top-most bloat from content app config is actions / action bar config

  • omit it for brevity [2]
  • Address action mess / composing in a parallel effort
  • using "generic" action-names / verbs, (rename, edit)
  • research all apps and express those capabilities, default groups of actions
    • bulk-action, single-item action
    • CRUD
    • Publication
    • Import/Export
    • Version actions

Output filtering

Which fields you get from the endpoint

  • with JCR delivery you get whatever properties exist under that node
  • with CT delivery you get whatever properties are defined in the model
  • consider detail levels later, there's a dedicated story for that [3]

Data source initialization

  • Auto-creation of workspace and registration of namespaces/nodetypes
    • we still a DS Java class doing it for us
    • or autoCreatorClass?
  • Superuser ACLs
  • Subscription 
  • DS optional interface handling lifecycle (start/stop)
    • maybe also for autocreator
    • void/marker class, and implement additional interfaces you need
    • Ticket that

Recap of features left aside

  • [1] sub-models
  • [2] actions composition & capabilities
  • [3] output filtering
  • [4] type aliases
  • [5] new app/form components


  class: i.m.JackrabbitDataSourceDefinition        # could be omitted, resolves to magnolia/Jackrabbit by default
  workspace: contacts                              # if omitted, same as CT name
  rootPath: /                                      # defaults to "/"
  nodeTypes:                                       # defaults to mgnl:content (TODO validate mixins from mgnl:content)
    - name: mgnl:content                           # or to the extreme nt:unstructured
      icon: icon-user-public   
  autoCreate: true

model: # can still use alternative map syntax
  - name: jcrName
    readOnly: true
  - name: salutation
  - name: firstName
    required: true
  - name: lastName
    required: true
  - name: photo
    type: binary (data-driven) OR upload (field-driven)
  - name: email
      - class: info.magnolia....EmailValidatorDefinition (or alias validators as well)
  - name: dateOfBirth
    type: date
  - name: isPhilip
    type: boolean (data-driven) OR checkbox (field-driven)
    defaultValue: false
icon: icon-contacts-app                            # defaults to a default icon
label: Contacts                                    # defaults to capitalized app name
class: info.magnolia.ui.contentapp.ContentAppDefinition       # defaults to a content-app?
contentType: contacts                              # defaults to app name

(grey lightbulb) Rename AppDescriptor to AppDefinition for consistency (and AppDesc extends from AppDef)

contentType: contacts                              # defaults to endpoint name  

Next steps

  • Quick cleanup of the datasource Java API on the branch (removal)
  • Tickets for:

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