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Outcome of last Wednesday tech meeting w/ the Basel team. This was merely a catch-up and eventually revolved around content-app descriptors and generation of config builders, as well as status of existing PRs.




  • We seem to have consensus against re-introducing definition builders maintained by hand (like those we reverted before 5.0)
    • Either verbosely build/nest configured definitions w/ plain constructors (no new def code)
    • And/or we give a shot at leveraging Sasha's code-generation efforts for this
  • Current PRs are not production-ready
    • Either reach production-grade without datasource awareness: little (fixed) to no workspace, name-space & node-type registrations
    • Or depend upon having a better shared understanding of our datasource definition requirements (workshop to come)

Discussion log

  • Intro / Context
    • 2w action plan, GO from architecture group
  • UI / AppDescriptor builders flavor
    • Code-generation 2w effort; result was parked
    • Mika
      • was voting for AP-generation for a long time
        • would generate Configured* impls as well
        • not against changing our "input" (interface w/ getters, vs. concrete classes w/ fields)
      • or ideally have Java APIs usable without any "proxy config" (no def, no app descriptor)
        • e.g. new JcrContentApp(workspace, ....)
        • a bit too wishful pbly (esp. for content apps, workbench)
    • Further dev ticket / timebox to interface App generation w/ generated builders
    • Does decoration play "nicely" with semi-pushed generated defs into app registry
    • Workshop for defining the datasource
      •  Mika yet to file / schedule that
      • DEV-617 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Content app defaults
    • yet to formalize patterns, actions, columns
    • crud, publishing, import-export
    • 3 different stock apps have different flavors of actionbar section availability
    • even the groovy generator is not fully "canonical"
  • Security model
    • default roles (Editor / Publisher)
    • ownership model
  • Sasha: ideally, ContentAppDescriptor fully consuming the ContentTypeDefinition
    • apps
      • foo
        • class: JcrContentTypeAppDescriptor
        • contentType: myfoo
        • form
          • layout
        • feature-driven config
    • providing bold/brand-new config to support higher-level use cases / user stories
      • macro-magnolia features
      • activation, personalization, workflow, folders, tagging, ...
      • CT def vs. AppDescriptor
    • composing views
    • (warning) decorating generated defs becomes slightly complex / technical
      • not ideal if it's all what's there 
  • (warning) Status of PRs was confusing

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