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This page describes the workflow for Cloud 3 customers who intend to upload a custom bundle to our S3. Such customers will, therefore, receive credentials and a command for uploading which they should then use on their local machine.

Step-by-step guide

  1. In case is it the first time you want to upload your bundle to S3, please, contact HD and they will provide you the necessary credentials and command for that.
  2. HD will provide you: the "Access key ID", the "Secret access key", the "Bundle type"  and the uploading command itself.
  3. In the meantime, install AWS CLI on your machine:
  4. In case of further uploads, use the same credentials and command but be noticed about the behavior related to the used "artifact version" property. 

Note about the "artifact version" used in the uploading command:

In the case of snapshot versions, it is not necessary to increase the version number. The newly uploaded bundle with the same artifact id and version will replace the old version. It means that you will see the new version in your package automatically BUT only in case where you tear the whole environment down first and then set it up again. It is not possible to UPGRADE to the newer bundle version which has the same version number as the old version.

On the other hand, in case of official release versions, it is recommended as the best practice to increase the version number. The new bundle should appear in your package automatically 10-15 minutes after the uploading process finished. Then you can use the UPGRADE feature, so it won't be necessary to tear down the whole environment.