The following steps will help you test your domain setup.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Resolve the load balancer's IP address by this command: 
    ping public-live-<subscriptionPackage-name> 
    (Note: The IP address shown in the output of the command is not fixed, it can be changed by AWS. Use it for testing only, do not bookmark it.)

  2. Edit your "hosts" file to let your machine resolve the host address. 
    Linux: /etc/hosts
    sudo nano /etc/hosts

  3. Add this line to the “/etc/hosts” file and save the changes: 
    <yourAddressFromStep1> <hostAddress> 

  4. Reopen the terminal and run this command:
    curl -iv https://<hostAddress>
    (if it does not work, restart the machine).

  5. After testing, roll back the changes you made in the /etc/hosts file.