Magnolia provides the Mail module, which allows sending emails from within Magnolia.

For our Cloud offering, the mailing service is based on AWS Simple Email Service (SES). Amazon SES recommends that emails be authenticated by SPF and/or DKIM, and that they comply with DMARC (

Step-by-step guide

  1. Provide the HD with the information about:
    1. The domain from which you would like to send emails.
    2. Which authentication mechanism you would like to use.
  2. Once you receive the appropriate domain verification records, add them to your DNS server where you manage domains.
  3. Inform the HD once step 2 is done. We will generate and send you the credentials then.
  4. Save the credentials (SMTP access key=username, SMTP secret key=password) we provide you with to the Passwords app. (Note: Open the Passwords app -> create the "aws" folder -> click "Add password" and add the credentials there.)  
  5. Open the Mail Tools app and configure the following:

    SMTP server: (EU - Ireland) / (US East - N. Virginia) / (US West - Oregon)
    SMTP port: 465
    Authentication: Authentication with username and password
    Connection security method: Use SSL