It isn't possible to publish some content because of a locked node.

The following error messages (or very similar ones) are shown in the log:

INFO  info.magnolia.publishing.locking.JcrLockManager   : Node nameOfTheNode is locked. Will retry X more times.
ERROR receiver.operation.jcr.AbstractJcrReceiveOperation: publishing-receiver.locking.contentLocked
info.magnolia.publishing.locking.LockManager$LockException: publishing-receiver.locking.contentLocked
	at info.magnolia.publishing.locking.JcrLockManager.waitForLock( ~[magnolia-publishing-core-1.0.5.jar:?]
	at info.magnolia.publishing.transactional.receiver.locking.TransactionalJcrLockManager.applyLock( ~[magnolia-publishing-transactional-receiver-1.0.jar:?]
	at info.magnolia.publishing.receiver.operation.jcr.JcrUnpublicationOperation.preExecute( ~[magnolia-publishing-receiver-1.0.5.jar:?]
	at info.magnolia.publishing.receiver.operation.jcr.AbstractJcrReceiveOperation.execute( [magnolia-publishing-receiver-1.0.5.jar:?]


info.magnolia.publishing.sender.Sender            : Could not check for mixin <xyz> or failed to update activation status on systemSessionNode: <xyz>
javax.jcr.lock.LockException: Node locked.
	at org.apache.jackrabbit.core.lock.LockManagerImpl.checkLock( ~[jackrabbit-core-2.18.1.jar:2.18.1]
	at org.apache.jackrabbit.core.lock.LockManagerImpl.checkLock( ~[jackrabbit-core-2.18.1.jar:2.18.1]


The publishing (activation) mechanism is a multi-step process during which every node is automatically locked. The Author sends a request to the Public to lock the node -> node locked = publishing can start -> publishing finishes = lock is removed. Once the lock is applied to a node, only the session which created the lock can remove it. This is known as Session locking and it's a feature of JackRabbit. If the Public locks a node and something happens during that publishing process so that it cannot complete it normally, then there is a chance the session does not get a chance to unlock the node -> so that this locked node has to be removed manually.


  1. Login to the Public instance. In the LIVE environment, access to it is blocked by default, so it must first be granted to you by HD.
  2. Go to the "Tools" → "JCR" app.
  3. Remove the locked node.
  4. Login to the Author instance.
  5. Start the publishing process again.

If this solution does not help because it did not allow you to remove the locked node, you can remove it via the Groovy script:

import javax.jcr.Session
import info.magnolia.context.MgnlContext
session = MgnlContext.getSystemContext().getJCRSession("dam");

This solution should be helpful for the cases when you notice the "jcr:lockIsDeep=true" in the JCR app.