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 I'm new to Magnolia Cloud, where should I start?

If you'd like a demo, contact us.

Otherwise, start by looking at the Cockpit page for an introduction to the cloud interface and the main concepts. If you're a developer, try out Hello-cloud - a development tutorial.

 I need help with my project. Can a Magnolia expert give me some guidance?

Yes, our Services department will be happy to help. Contact us.

 How can I migrate from Magnolia on-premises to the cloud?

Please get in touch with a Magnolia representative so we can help you with your project.

 What is the Magnolia Cloud roadmap?

Have a look at our public roadmap.

 How often is Magnolia Cloud upgraded?

Upgrades are managed on 3 levels:

 What modules are included in Magnolia Cloud?

See Supported modules in the cloud to see which version of modules are included in your cloud bundle. For a list of modules and their versions provided by the underlying Magnolia CORE, see the relevant release notes.

 How can I request new features for Magnolia Cloud (or report missing features)?

We welcome your ideas! Please submit them in our Suggestion Box.

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