The AdminCentral of every instance in each environment is accessible via a specific URL. The URLs use the following pattern:


<instance> → author/public
<environment> → integration/uat/live
<subscription-package> → e.g. mycompany-webpre
<region> → de


(warning) The public instances of the Live environment use the Load Balancer (LB), so you will never know which instance you actually interact with when you access it using the above pattern. Therefore, on a public instance, use the pattern only - for example - to quickly check that an image has been correctly published to the public instance. The instance will be the one chosen by the LB at the very moment.

You may access a specific public instance (public1|2|(3)) in the Live environment, but by default the access to it is blocked for security reasons. If you would need to do something on these specific instances, you should always contact HD and then we would temporarily grant you access in there.

The public instance chosen by LB has no access restrictions and is, therefore, accessible without any additional action.

Step-by-step guide

To access a public instance:

  1. Go to your Cockpit.
  2. Click View default site.
  3. Remove the parameter at the end of and replace it with .magnolia/admincentral.

To access a specific public instance in the Live environment:

  1. Create an HD ticket.
  2. Ask for temporary access to the public instance(s).
  3. Once you don't need the access anymore, inform us about it on the ticket and we will revoke the access to the instance(s).