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Adding a session

If you have an account on this wiki and are comfortable editing wiki pages, please add your proposals below.
Otherwise, send your proposals to Zak G..

Proposed Sessions

Sessions that a participant is willing to give or lead.

Session Title



Community Brainstorming Session

Greg J. & Zak G.

The combination of large Magnolia deployments and the launch of Magnolia 5 is going to make the Magnolia community even more important to the health and vitality of the Magnolia ecosystem. What visions do we each have for our community and what can we do to reach this vision?

Copyright, Licensing and Trademark PrimerZak G.A relaxed session on copyright, licensing, with a tiny little bit on trademarks. I'll talk about common Free Software and Open Source licenses, Creative Commons licenses and more.

Magnolia 5 docs preview

Antti H. & Zak G.

Antti and Zak will preview early version of the Magnolia 5 App development guide and the Magnolia 5 Human Interface Guidelines. Join us to see where we're going and to help us make docs that better meet your needs.

Magnolia & jBPMJozef Ch.What's going on in Magnolia's workflow support and how we use jBPM.
Magnolia & ModeShapeJozef Ch. How I integrated Magnolia with the ModeShape data store for
Magnolia 5's new User ExperienceAndreas W.Discussing our new user interface and our plans for the future.
Search & Indexing optimizationJan H.Discuss possibilities for speeding up the search by optimizing indexing configuration (there's many possibilities in JR). Would really appreciate if Fabrizio would participate (smile)
Multilingual site creation and maintenanceJan H.Are current i18n options enough? Do you need something more advanced? How do you build your typical multilingual site and what are biggest shortcomings? Do you need better tools for translation support?
Magnolia Shop Module Demo and DiscussionWill ScheideggerMagnolia Shop Module author Will Scheidegger will discuss and demo the module.
Recommended Project SetupNatascha D.How to set up your project properly: From the base skeleton to extending/reusing existing configuration and version handling.

Magnolia 4.5 Migration Overview

Samuel Schmitt & Jan H.

Magnolia Service Team member Samuel Schmitt and Magnolia Head of Support Jan Haderka will discuss the 4.5 migration process and tools, including:

  • an overview of the migration process
  • prerequisites and setup for migrating to 4.5
  • an overview of the migration tools, extends mechanism and other key resources
  • Magnolia's plans to improve the migration process
  • Issues that the Magnolia team has encountered during migrations

After the overview, we'd like to have free discussion. From the Magnolia side, we want to identify potential issues related to migration and hear community concerns about migration.

For issues not addressed during this session, we'll do our best to be available for small group or one-on-one discussions after the session. 

Developing Apps for MagnoliaTobias M.A sneak peek at the new App APIs
Happiness, health and productivity in the workplaceZak G.What things keep your healthier and saner in the workplace? What things do you struggle with? Come to this session to share problems and potential solutions to the things that plague knowledge workers the world over. Magnolian Zak Greant will facilitate (and is happy to share what he struggles with and what he's learned from nearly twenty years of high-pressure jobs involving startups, deadlines and frequent travel.
App JamChristopher Z

Community brainstorm about what would make great apps.

Hearing the needs, problems, ideas of others may help us discover what would be the most useful app to build for my project, client, or company.

Under the hood of Magnolia 5Philipp BärfussGet insight of technical challenges and solutions behind Magnolia 5 implementation.
OpenSocial & MagnoliaDaniel Lipp

What's OpenSocial, how is it evolving, what's the state of the Magnolia OpenSocial Module, why is this the way you should create a portal based on Magnolia.

Mark Halvorson (Atlassian) would support that session so there's an OpenSocial board member around: your chance to get tons of first hand informations...

Desired Sessions

Sessions that participants want to participate in.

Session Title






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