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Welcome to the Magnolia Community Wiki

This wiki is a place to share tips, code and ideas with other members of the Magnolia community and you are very welcome to contribute.

Some of the material may be slightly out-of-date, but most of it is probably still very good. If you have any question don't forget to join our mailing lists:

For webinars, updates on blog posts, event announcements on more - sign up for the Magnolia newsletter:

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The official resources for learning about Magnolia are:

This wiki is a community effort. This means that you are allowed to change anything you see, add comments or add new pages.

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Ground rules

Copyright: Please make sure you read and understand Wiki License and Copyright before you contribute.

Attachments: We cannot be made responsible for the contents of an attachment. Please be careful what you upload and download.

Search first, add later: If you are about to add a page, please check to see if the page (or a similar page) already exists. Collaboration works best when we keep related content together.

Use existing categories: Please add pages under the relevant category page, which you can find listed in the left hand navigation bar. Do not add pages here at the root level.

Ask questions on the forum

Please use the forum for questions about Magnolia CMS. This wiki is a place to share knowledge and ideas.

Where should I go when I want to learn about Magnolia as a beginner?

  • Start with our official Magnolia documentation.
  • Developers might wish to visit the DEV space, which is also frequented by knowledgeable Magnolia CMS bloggers.
  • Ask questions on our users and developer forums. Subscribe to the forums to get announcements and engage with the Magnolia developer community.
  • Signup for Magnolia Developer Training.

Upcoming events

First London Magnolia Meetup - March 28th

User of Magnolia CMS or thinking of exploring a new CMS? London's FIRST Magnolia International Ltd. User Group Event is finally here! It is kindly hosted by MOO. Join us for beers and snacks on Thursday 28th March from 6pm at the Moo offices. Hear directly from Magnolia and industry peers about projects they’ve been working on and network with the community.
RSVP here:
#usergroups #cmsdevelopment #contentmanagementsystem #developertools

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Other spaces

There are other spaces you might be interested in:

  • All Spaces
Space: 2012 Community Day
Content related to the 2012 Magnolia Conference Community Day
Space: Cloud Knowledge Base
Shares knowledge and best practices with Magnolia Cloud customers
Space: Community Wiki
Space: Extensions
Space for the documentation of incubator and addon modules.
Space: INCL
INCL a common space for includable junk used among various doc spaces
Space: Magnolia 4.5 Documentation
Magnolia 4.5 Documentation
Space: Magnolia 5.0
Space: Magnolia 5.3 documentación
Magnolia 5.3 documentación en español
Space: Magnolia 5.3 Documentation
Magnolia 5.3 Documentation
Space: Magnolia 5.4 documentation
Magnolia 5.4 documentation
Space: Magnolia 5.5 documentation
Magnolia 5.5 documentation
Space: Magnolia 5.6 documentation
Magnolia 5.6 documentation
Space: Magnolia 5.7 documentation
Magnolia 5.7 documentation
Space: Magnolia 5 中文资料
Magnolia 5 documentation in Chinese
Space: Magnolia 6.0 documentation
Magnolia 6.0 documentation
Space: Magnolia Academy
Magnolia Academy online training initiative.
Space: Magnolia Development
This space hosts concepts, the roadmap, backlog and development related tips and tricks. It is not meant to be used for …
Space: Magnolia Forge
Space: Magnolia Internationalization
Space: Magnolia NOW documentation
Space: Magnolia User Groups
Space: Migration Documentation
Space: Retos Digitales Magnolia Community
Space: Sandbox Nr.2 - a test space
Sandbox Nr.2 a test space
Space: UX Archive for Magnolia 4.x
UX work done for the Magnolia 4.x family.
Space: UX Archive for Magnolia 5 (Enterprise UI)
Initial UX work done for Magnolia 5 leading to an Enterprise UI design.
Space: Workshops unconf 2017
Space to store all the workshops of the Unconference

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