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This page provides a quick overview of module development for experienced Magnolia developers. An overview of Magnolia modules can be found at in our documentation on the Modules page.

Using a Maven Archetype

You can use Maven 2's archetype plugin to quickly get started with creating a module or project.

Use this command:

You will first be prompted to "Choose an archetype".

You will further be prompted for various properties, whose names should hopefully be obvious enough for you to figure what to enter. If not, try some random value, see the results and try again (wink) (Please vote for this maven-archetype-plugin enhancement !)

Module archetype

The module archetype will generate a basic Magnolia module, including all necessary folders, a module descriptor and two classes:

Forge Module archetype

The Forge module archetype is very similar, but will provide a pom.xml with sensible defaults for use for a project hosted on the Magnolia Forge.

STK Theme archetype

The STK Theme archetype will produce a quickstart for an STK Theme .

Project archetype

The Project archetype will produce a skeleton for a "project"; this will contain

  • a parent pom
  • a webapp, overlaying magnolia-empty-webapp, ready to host your custom configuration files.

If you want to add a module to an existing project, generating the module artifact from within your project should get you started quickly, as it will adapt the new artifact's parent pom to match your existing project !

Changing a project from CE to EE

When you create a project using an archetype from the public group you get a Community Edition (CE) project. This means the project has dependencies to the CE bundle and you get only community modules. If you need a more substantial starting point, change the dependencies in your POM files to the Enterprise Edition (EE) bundle and webapp. This way you get enterprise modules such as Multisite and Workflow.

There are two videos in Magnolia Academy that explain how to work with Module Dependencies.

In your project POM, set:

  • groupIdinfo.magnolia.eebundle
  • artifactIdmagnolia-enterprise-bundle-parent

Change this:

CE dependencies in project POM

To this:

EE dependencies in project POM
  1. fake

In your webapp POM, set:

  • groupIdinfo.magnolia.eebundle
  • artifactIdmagnolia-enterprise-webapp

Change this:

CE dependencies in webapp POM

To this:

EE dependencies in webapp POM



Have a look at to see known problems or suggest new features.

Please try it out and tell us what you think !

More info about Maven archetypes:

Host your module at the Forge!

Hey, why not share your new module with the world and host it at the forge?

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