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In this roadmap we share our product vision and make public what we plan to implement for the next major version. In the backlog we maintain potential new features. We don't share two-year plans as the CMS world changes rapidly. We believe that planning specific features beyond the next 6-12 months is not meaningful.

Product vision

We focus on six main domains in which we want Magnolia to be strong. Future releases will always include features or improvements of at least one domain.

  1. Integration and interoperability: Magnolia's strength is extensibility and its adaptability. We keep improving this domain.
  2. Usability: Ensure that Magnolia is a joy to use and remove pain points.
  3. Ease of development: Focus on lowering the entry barrier to make Magnolia easier to use for authors, admins and developers.
  4. High performance: Client projects are getting bigger. Make sure Magnolia performs well when scaled up with author instance clustering, clouds, or CDNs.
  5. Front end and publishing: Make it easier for front-end developers to integrate their work into Magnolia.
  6. Marketing: Marketing needs advanced functionality such as personalization, multivariate testing and reporting.

Planned major releases

When we plan a new release we select stories or epics from the backlog based on their business value and expected implementation effort. We also try to define a theme per major version and ship a meaningful bundle of features together.

The following versions are planned or in-planning:

Magnolia 5.4

These features are planned for delivery:

  • Development
  • User experience
    • Trouble-free and safe configuration in AdminCentral (storymultiple concepts)
    • Always current, always up-to-date user interface (story)
    • Push
    • Long running actions
  • Demo project
    • New demo project that showcases a modern, fresh website (storyconcept)
  • Housekeeping
    • Update third-party libraries
    • Extract UI tests to dedicates modules/apps
    • Remove use deprecated code in our code base
    • Performance / memory consumption analysis
    • Java versions update
  • Other
    • Support for right-to-left languages (Arabic, Hebrew etc.) in AdminCentral (concept)

See details:


We work with stories and epics and maintain them in our JIRA instance. Each project and module has two special versions:

  • Backlog: stories we should implement in the next two years
  • Ideas: visions and new ideas
In addition, we have a JIRA project named Backlog in which we maintain the major epics and stories. Stories or bugs with the label 'next' are ready to be selected for the next version.

Maintenance releases

Each project/module has a .x version for maintenance. Tickets scheduled for the next maintenance release are moved to a specific maintenance version. Tickets are selected based on the following pattern:

  1. Tickets with blocker status
  2. Tickets related to a customer support issue
  3. Tickets with the label 'next' 

Bug fix releases lists the bug fix releases and their planned release dates.

Past releases

Release notes for past releases are available on the documentation site.

  • None