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To check everything (Magnolia itself, all modules' trunks, the bundle project, and the archetypes) from subversion, execute the following in a shell:

( is a script that simply checks out all known modules. It is paired with and

It will be generally expected that you understand the basic principles of Maven and other tools you use.

Creating patches

To create patches just run:
svn diff > your-changes.patch

or if you have changed files you want to disregard:
svn diff changed files > your-changes.patch

If you're attaching this to Jira (which is about the only way you'll get your patch applied anyway), a good idea would be to include the issue id in the filename.

Applying patches:

patch -p 0 < this-change.patch

Subversion (SVN)

Magnolia uses Subversion for source code management. It is similar to CVS, but has better support for refactoring and a better revision system.


Magnolia is a multi-module project and is built using maven.

JSR 170 - Java Content Repository