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This space hosts concepts, the roadmap and the backlog. It is not meant for content related to developing projects with Magnolia. For this kind of information the community space should be used.

The Team Blog

Information about the latest releases and milestones are published here.
Workflow: introducing user task and task inbox
In this short blog post we would like to show you the outcome of the last two-week sprint of the workflow team. The main goal of the sprint was to quickly implement the main points of the concept elaborated by … Continue reading
Rate our “Vision for frontend development”. We’re listening.
In yesterday’s blog post I described our initiative to improve magnolia development by lowering the barrier to entry. But as it was a bit long, I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss the chance to give us a push … Continue reading
A vision for frontend development
How should one develop web projects with Magnolia? Better put: How should Magnolia support people in developing the public facing website? To answer this question I interviewed 23 people with a stake in the answer – ranging from the CEO, … Continue reading
Forum and Commenting Modules Migrated to Magnolia 5
While the Forum and Commenting modules could be installed for Magnolia 5, they were essentially useless. You could see that they were installed, but there was no UI to manage them. Understandably, some people did not enjoy this. We’ve fixed … Continue reading
Workflow 5.3 beta2
As promised in the last blog post, we’ve now made workflow configuration much easier than before. Instead of exploring the changes in detail, let’s have a look at one of the most important novelties in beta2: enabling a workflow powered … Continue reading

Work in progress

  • The current work can be found in the Greenhoper Kanban Boards on our JIRA.



  • We move gradually concepts into documentation. Consult our Changelog page and sub pages
  • This information is then integrated into the official documentation and release notes



Magnolia team members are blogging (contributors in alphabetical order):

Andreas - Revisiting the Magnolia UI

Boris - BetterFasterBigger

Daniel - Magnolia CMS and related stuff

Federico - The joys of craft

Greg's ramblings

Jan - rah003's blog

Philipp - Magnolia CMS and beyond

Teresa - Teresa @ Magnolia

Tobias - Tobias Mattsson (Magnolia)

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